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Privacy Policy

Welcome to IVV Americas' website. Our Privacy Policy aims to explain to our users how we collect and use imputed data in our domain. By using the website, you are authorizing the use of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For this reason, we suggest that these privacy terms be read carefully.

In our Privacy Policy, you will find out a bit more about:

  • Collection of information for your identification on the website;
  • Newsletter;
  • Transfer of information;
  • Press releases;
  • Judicial Situations;
  • Updates to the Privacy Policy;
  • How to contact us if you have any questions.

I) Collection of Information

:: The importance of data collection ::

The data collected by us is used so that we can define the profile of the users of the website. In this way, our content can be improved and adapted according to your interests.

We inform you that the website uses cookies to identify our users with each new access. Cookies are records of information that help us analyze the characteristics of the audience and the traffic of websites. We remind you that in the security settings of your computer, you may not authorize the receipt of cookies. However, such a decision may affect the full operation of the website.

:: Data protection ::

The data of our users are protected by our access control and can only be viewed by the own or by the administrator of the website.

:: Disclosure of data ::

 The data of our users will not be disclosed to third parties, except when authorized by the user at the time of registration.

II) Newsletter

:: Registration ::

To complete your registration to receive our Newsletter, you must enter a full name and a valid email address. We emphasize that the data provided in your personal account are your responsibility.

:: The password ::

Your password is personal and non-transferable. In order for your personal data to remain secure, you must store it safely. Anyone who has access to your password may change your personal information. We emphasize that the protection of your password is also your responsibility.

III) Transfer of Information

:: Dividing information with third parties ::

In no event will IVV Americas transfer, rent or sell the personal data of its users to third parties, unless authorized by the user at the time of registration.

:: Links ::

The IVV Americas website may display links to other Internet environments that have their own Privacy Policies. We are not liable for damages incurred on other websites outside the domain

IV) Announcements from the IVV Americas website

We will not send unauthorized emails to our users unless explanations are required for updates and website operation.

V) Judicial Situations

Please be advised that we may disclose sensitive information about our users if they are required by law. We will provide such data when we believe it will be necessary for the development of the judicial process in question or required through court documents.

VI) Changes to the Privacy Policy

The IVV Americas website reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy on a regular basis. The main modifications will be posted on our website or through notifications sent by e-mail to each registered user. The Privacy Policy will always be available on this page. For this reason, we suggest that it be visited periodically in order to follow up on possible changes.

VII) Doubts

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us directly through our contact form.