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The objectives of IVV Americas are to promote public health through outdoor sports activities throughout life. We encourage non-competitiveness in family-oriented events. We encourage sports to be uncompetitive, fun and joyful, including:

  • walking, hiking, ‘tramping’, ‘bushwalking’, Nordic pole walking, etc;
  • cycling, mountain-biking;
  • cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, skating;
  • swimming, aqua-walking.

We also aim to promote peace and understanding among all peoples through friendships that develop among participants of popular sporting events in different countries; encourage and recognize individual achievement, and; promote the protection and conservation of the environment as a way to maintain the balance between the needs of popular sports and the environment.

The purposes of the Federation are to:

  1. develop and implement programs of public information and education to create interest in and understanding of scheduled programs of non-competitive, family-oriented, participatory lifetime sports and to support a preventive maintenance concept in health care;
  2. act as the official representative at the continental level for the IVV within the Americas, the Caribbean and the South Pacific;
  3. act as the official representative of its members at meetings of the IVV United Presidium;
  4. promote popular sports to serve peace and create a better understanding of fair play,  without discrimination on the basis of political attitudes, gender, religion, ability,  race or other reasons;
  5. assist in organization and performance of events of member associations within the geographic jurisdiction of the Federation, and to promote unity among its members;
  6. balance the interests of, and provide assistance to, members; safeguard their overall interests and maintain good relations and cooperation with the IVV;
  7. represent the interests of the members and assist the IVV at  international organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, the Olympics movement and the International Olympics Committee;
  8. stress the fun and exhilaration of walking (including jogging and running), bicycling, swimming, cross-country skiing and such other events as may be sanctioned by IVV;
  9.  promote the aims of environmental protection and conservation as a way to maintain a balance between the needs of popular sports and the environment and to preserve the right of access in the outdoors.

All activities of the Federation will be carried on so as to be responsive to the needs of all persons, without regard to race, religion, gender, age, national or cultural origin, place of residence, economic circumstances, lifestyle, ability or social status.

IVV-Americas invites clubs and associations anywhere in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and the many island nations [English or French-speaking] of the South Pacific to contact us about joining this new Association.