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Continental Associations

IVV-AMERICAS - Americas , Caribbean and Ocenia

This IVV-Americas includes present and potential members in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean Basin and across Oceania.

Continental Associations

1. Anda Brasil

The ANDA BRASIL - Brazilian Confederation of Popular Sports was founded in 2006. The nongovernmental entity registers the national circuits, and, currently, there are more than 500 registered circuits throughout Brazil.(

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2. Canadian Volkssport Federation - CVF

The CVF was founded in 1987 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in May 2012 at the Annual General Meeting in Ottawa, ON and throughout the year with a program of special activities. CVF has a number of Special Walking Programs which encourage you to explore some of the scenic wonders of Canada.

Clubs: British Columbia, Alberta, Prairies, Ontario, Québec, Atlantic, North and Afiliates

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3. AussieWalk

The AussieWalk IVV was founded in 2016 and has as main event the Canberra Walking Festival, an unusual and unique event in Australia for all ages

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The Rotorua International Two-Day Walking Club (NZ) is not a member of IVV-Americas, but is a member of the IVV.