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IVV Americas - International Federation of Popular Sports for America and Oceania

IVV Americas

IVV-AMERICAS is an educational not-for-profit organization created exclusively for physical fitness and promotion of public health and well-being of people through programs of non-competitive sports..

IVV-Americas is one of three continental associations of the International Federation of Popular Sports, in addition to IVV-Asia and IVV-Europe. IVV-Americas operates among the countries of the Americas, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Volkssports are non-competitive, recreational activities, (e.g. walking, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, skating, etc) , untimed, performed by any individual during a sanctioned event, using only personal human energy.

Have you ever had the desire to find a walking partner, reach a higher level of fitness or learn more about other cultures ? IVV-Americas’ network of member countries and volkssport clubs is available to everyone for just that purpose. Join us now!